As the Lord of Light and Darkness' spirits came out , peace was retook for a decade. But not all of them are resting peacefully. The Crusaders grown matured , they finally had their power marks.

Matey: It's been years since we had fight with darkness.

Philipp: You can tell how much I hate the past few years.

Alex: Come on , Phil... You always seem bored.. I really think your the same with somebody..

Dexter: Sorry kids... I don't think she will come back..

Patch: I'm bored.. we don't do a lot of things since the past few years..

Toffee: Talk about lame.. I miss somebody.. *helds Karkat's picture* Damn... It's really not the type of thing I would always get used to..

Meowy: *purrs* I missed everyone..

Cecilla: How is your situation with Ranlie?

Meowy: Still purring... Meowliciously better..

Brad: Were getting married in a few months.

Cecilla: Yeah.. *raises her hand with a 24 karatring*

Toffee and Patch: *eyes glimmering* Sweet mother of Canned Goods!

Patch: Btw.. Have ya heard anything from Forest..

Cecillia: He had PTSD.. after 10 years... well since the last time we fought.. he did not talked to any of us...

Patch: Poor thing.. He must be still missing his lost tooth..

Cecillia: Probably...The God of light is still not recovering.. If by chance.. May not recover at all..

Patch: *shocked* I-I... Forget it.. Dad will be fine..

They heard a knock at the door , they opened it and found a bunny with a horn at it's head.

Bunny: Chip chip! 

Toffee: Awww... It's sew cute!

Bunny: *glared at Toffee* Chip! chap chippy chap chap! *scratching her*

Toffee: That hurts!

Bunny: *pointing at Patch* Chip chip chappy chut chip chappy chu chu..

Patch: What? Chip?

Bunny: *facepalm , it wrote something that says: T em gooz*

Toffee: I am... Gooz?

Bunny: *nodded no* Chip!

Patch: *pokerface* Write something! *hands a paper*

Bunny: *rolls eyes* I um gbcOol!

Toffee: Im cool?

Bunny: *nodded yes*

Patch: No your not dude don't lie!

Bunny: Chool! Chul! *kicks Patch and had a bone crack*

Patch: Awtch! That HURTS ALOT!! *recalls that memory*

Bunny: Chool!

Cecillia: Your name is Chool?

Bunny: *annoyed and just nodded yes* Patch: Nice to meet you Chool..

Chool: *thumbs-up and hugs him*

Toffee: Aww.. He likes you!

Chool: (kind of) Chip!

Cecillia: Chip!

Matey: That's nice.. We have a new strong pet..

Meowy: He is pretty quick and smart.. Stronger than our team leaders..(Dexter and Patch)

Dexter: Yeah.. even I can't injure Patch , but this bunny can.. Hmm.. I seem to remember some human like him..

Chool: *nodded repeatedly* Chip Chip Chip!

Dexter: (things he remembered was distracted by Chool) What?

Chool: (These guys are more of a moron than before!) Chip chip chip...

Patch: Let's just take care of him.. beside he looks very adorable..

Chool: (Yeah.. And that's how I love meh son..) Chip.. (hops to Patch's head) Chip!

Bubbles: That bunny is sew kawaii..

Chool: Chip! chip.. *draws somthing* 

Chool hands the blue print of a animal translator.

Dot: Whoa! you are a genius bunny , Chool!

Chool: Chip!