He is a ragdoll that has molysomophobia. He is also known as Coal.


He has a cool head , but he hates mean or nerdy people. He love bullying Patch like he was only a bigger brother. He likes pulling pranks on him or doing  graffitti on his wall. He is acting like Rainbow Dash or Eren Yeager.


Child Hood:

He was oftenly bulied. When he became 10 , he deicided to join the Stitchugal Army. He studied for2 yrs. and graduated at the age of 12. When he was 15 , he addopted Patch since he is often alone. He saw him at a war and lost him at a war. He is Patch's addoptive father , he is an Arcan. He was a Lance Corporal in the stitchugal army and their Chief Commander. He can be a little fun but he is always serious. He is only 15 when he addopted Patch when he was 2. He is only a bully when he was having some o his memorization attack (trauma).

True Objective:

To make Patch less violent and less hot headed , by putting him to his teasing and pranking test. Which Patch think hewas just being a jerk.



Dirt. (Molysomophobia)