Crumbs  is a villain in season 2.It is revealed in an upcoming eppisode that she works at Pickle's diner.She has feelings towards Ace.Because she is sew naive and weak she is always bullied and insulted and she cant even defend herself.


She is very evil and unlike herself when transformed bu grows more naive due to her huge crush on Ace.Even though she turned evil she is still pretty naive and kind.Also becaus eof this she gets bullied insulted even robbed.She is a inife thrwer cuz she knows kitchen ninja skills she once tought Annette some moves to be more popular then da power markk crusaders.She is very kind towards da heroes most of the time but SHE HATES JEWEL!


Crumbs is  Japanese   like Patch and she moved in Lalaloopsy Land at age 10 and ever since she been picked on and robbed.When she was baking Pickles was yellin at her like HEY YU GET YUR WORTHLESS NAIVE BUTTON BACK TO WORK OR DOTN EXSIST AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!Crumbs was sew upset she couldnt focus on da right ingriidents and ended up spillin the black energy into the recipe nd as she was on her way to deliver it she turned evil.


Knife Throw



Her crush on Acemakes her less evil ebcause Ace turns good in the season 1 finale

Sweets she is ntus over sweets