snobbish bratPEdit

Misty: Those filthy s Misty's way!

  • opens the portal *

Misty: Now to kidnap those kids...

  • sneakhideout*

Looks at.

Misty: Aww...

Dexter ie field.

Misty: Room 09

She saw Patch listening tomusic.

Misty trips in . 

Misty: GAH!


Misty: Phew! *magic*


Dyna: What was that?

Misty: SHUT YOUR MOUTH! *gets his mouth and threw it in some kind of magic trash can*

Dexter: My eardrums broke!

Misty: Sleeping Spell! *everybody fells asleep*

Blanket: Misty!

Misty: Alas por Yorick! 

Blanket: What?!

Misty: *MAGIC* Muahahahah!

Blanket: Where are we?

Dexter: A magic forcefield.

Evil Vampirate King: *sign language* M?

Dexter: I hear ya.. We can't SCREAM like you do...

Blanket: I can! *SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*!

Dyna: The kids they are gone!

Evil Vampirate King: *telports* Hmmmmhmm! *runs to Dyna*

Dyna: What?

Evil Vampirate King: MmmMmMMmmM!

Dyna: What a magic force field! By Misty? And they got my brother!

Dyna: Hero Mode guys!

Sparkling Jewel: What now!

Green Machine: They got Blanket and Dexter!

Evil Vampirate ing: *sensing where they are* MmmmkmmJjmKK!

Dyna: They take them into some kind of portal!

Sparkling Jewel: NIGHT VISION! *looking around* There at Room 198!

Green Machine: That's my room!

Dyna: Follow her!

Misty: Sorry it has to be this way Dyna! * goes in the portal  *

Evil Vampirate King: MhmJhmjH. * goes in the portal *

Dyna: Come On! * jumps in the portal *

All: Follows..

Dyna: Where are we?

Precila: Ohh! Who are these hobos?

Danna: Wanna get rid of em'?

Precila: Oh no! Just ignore them Danna... Especialy the pink haired girl!

Sparkling Jewel: I don't like the way you talk!

Precila:*grins* You must be new here! * makes her head up!

Danna: Look how adorable! He looks just like me!

Dexter: Wha? You look just like me..

Brad: Ohh.. No.. Danna , Precila Let's go!

Precila: Au Revoir poor people!

Sparkling Jewel: GRRR!!

Dyna: Ignore her..

Precila: By the way , you vampy nurse , YOU LOOK CHILDISH!

Halre: *cries* WAHH!!!!

Patch: MMJHFL!!!

Precila: Who is this guy?

Danna: Maybe another hobo.. It's like he use cotton candy shampoo...

Precila: Let's not bother them.. I've got more designing to do..

Jewel: YOU mean dresses?!

Precila: Yes darling , why?

Jewel: Take me there!

Dexter: Can we just try escaping instead of having a make over?

Precila: *looks at the portal* You are from the other world?

Dexter: Yeah?

Precila: The portal is locked! You can't just get out here if that happens... Someone is responsible!

Misty: I am! HAHAAHAHAHA!*disappears*

Precila: Come on to my Contier! FAST!

While Running...

Patch: Mffhmi?

Precila: More like darling... Many things in my magic contier has portals and potion makings so probably darling..