PMC: *training*

Coal: Hey noob! Wanna fight against me..?

Patch: Why not! I've evolved anyways..

Coal: Funny.. Alrighty.. I will not use my full strenght neither my powers.

Patch: Is he bluffing or what.. I can feel he's energy is weak.. He also uses his intelectual strenght rather than his emotions.. *he said to himself*

Coal: You do the honors!

Patch: *uses his blinding light of hope sword at him , Coal was hit but...*

Coal: * blocking the blade of the sword without penetrating himself* Not cool..

  • Coal punched Patch a his chest which is his weak part because of Asthma.. Patch's rib cage was comminued or broke into pieces *

Patch: *wheezes , probably dying*

PMC: *looking at total awe*

Coal: Alrighty son.. *heals Patch* I really wanna teach you all my technique.. If you want?

Patch: Of course I do!! It was totally awesome and I felt that you weren't using you full strenght!

Coal: Ok.. I did not ever trained.. I just use both of my heart and my mind..

Patch: How?

Coal: Thinking while feeling , Ya know what I mean right?

PMC: PLEASE TEACH US HOW! We don't much get it!


Coal: Alrighty , Once I was like you , dying to learn those techniques! But then before I can't find inner peace! I was a boy who always get beat up.. But then I realize that I have to learn to stand up! By using..

Dexter: Mind!

Mayna: Heart!

Meowy: Feelings!

Blanket: Emotions!

Patch: And Intelect!

Coal: Agility is the first thing I learned in the Millitary! But I still can't move that quickly! But still I strive I trained not using my physical body but my..

Dexter: Mind!

Mayna: Heart!

Meowy: Feelings!

Blanket: Emotions!

Patch: And Intelect!

Coal:  With this five I became the most greatest soldier of all and I became the strongest! *mee* Well not really! ~end of the song!


Ace: Hmmm.. I shall use Dyna to kidnap those little rats myee...

  • Turns Dyna EVIL*


Dyna: Yes master!


Patch: Hey dad , when are you coming back..?

Coal: Once I get a UNICORN!!

Patch: Unicorn?

Coal: My favorite thing in the world! Actualy , when I was young I wanna have one , so they called me UNICORN!! *sigh* I'm still the most immature! *mee*

Patch: Cute..

Dexter: Hey don't forget to follow me at insta!

Coal: Don't worry I'm always logged in! *playing Candy Crush*

The PMCS have their sleep..

Dyna: *put them in a sack*


Patch: WHAT THE ?!

Dexter: Where are we?

Mayna: At Ace's lair!

Meowy: Are for ransom ?! Gosh we're pretty.. ARGH!! *purr*

Blanket: Why would they held us for ransom?

Meowy: I'm a valuable stray cat you know!


Meowy: I think we can get out of this cage cuz my claws are pretty sharp! *inserts her claws to the lock and she felt really hot* OUCHHHHHHH!!


Meowy: Hey!!

At Coal's home. He rushed to his laboratory and took a peek on the satelites. Coal saw the PMC's we're captivated in Ace's lair.

Coal: What the ?! *types something at his lab computer systems and pressed enter.* Hmm..  Black Engery invades the heart of a human being.. Ooohhh.. I'm pretty ready for this.. *cracks his knuckles*


Ace: Get the blondie outta there and bring it to me!

Dyna: * lifts Patch *

Patch: Put me down!

Dyna: Here Ace..

Ace: All the good inside you will turn evil and your goodness will turn bad.. And hope becomes hopeless!

Coal was peeking on Ace's lair and saw everything.

Coal: I could save him by punching his chest again.. But it might affect his lungs though.. But If I only hit him on the left side , he'll have a chance of surviving.. But first save the Crusaders!

Coal run like lightning , Ace did not even notice he freed the Crusaders.

Meowy: *purrs* MEOW!! WE ARE FREE!!'

PMC's: Power MArk Crusa-

Coal: Are you trying to get us caught?!

Mayna: Ohh yeah.... Hi hi..

But it's too late Ace made a trap for Coal since he heard his is stronger than him. He also knew that Coal's weakness is electricity.

Coal: C-Curse y-ou! *shaking* In his mind: I can't deflect electricity , so I think I will just have to absorb it for additional strenght and speed.. * absorbing the lightning and Ace did not notice he was chunk full of powerful lightning around*

Ace: What the?! Coal: A Scientist is a Scientist after all.. *punches Ace in the face made him outcold and probably made him sleep for a while*

Coal beats up Dyna as well , nobody notices his moves because of his improved speed and agility. And nobody noticed he already punched Patch on the chest and he is already good.

Dexter: Everything is.. Fine now? How.. AWESOME!!

Patch: What happened?

Coal: You turned evil.. I made a quick solution.. *winks*

Patch: *looks awardly at other crusaders*

Meowy: You turned evil okah... !

Dexter: You're a super smart dude!

Coal: Thats why they call me candy head.. Not because I have sprinkles on my head but because I am smart.. Not a nerd though.. I hate books.. But I love science..

Patch: Who is this in the picture your holding?

Coal: My cousin.. Pretty familiar to you? *hands it to Patch*

Patch: Hmm..

Dexter: Lemme see! *grabs the photo* It's FOREST!!

Coal: .. Forest? You know him?

Dexter: She is my sister's husband!

Coal: Milky sprinkles , Are you completely sure?

Dexter: *nodded yes*

Patch: *facepalms* That's why you both got BROWN HAIR??

Coal: Yeah..  But before I believe you *gets something at his medalion of unicorn* Does he have the crystal of light?

Dexter: Yes.. But are you like him a guardian?

Coal: No , but this is what I found when Persimone left him at a burning house I found it outside the house and we thought he was dead..

Dexter: Hmmm... He might remember..

Patch: I guess we can try... Asking him first?

Coal: *Nodded no* To much stress if we met again.. So many confusions , conflicts , and akwardness..

Dexter: Okay?

Mayna: Say why won't we spent our time practicing?