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Rebornn the Underworld , Karkat approached Darryl.Edit

Karkat: Darryl Lionheart.

Darryl: Umm.. Yes?

Karkat: I will send you back to earth for a mission.. If you suceed you can live on earth again.

Darryl: Awesome.. Umm.. What was it?

Karkat: The Lord of Lightness i-

Darryl: *stared closer to Karkat* What happen to Coal?!

Karkat: Geez , he is fine.. But his personality is really bad.. And he is pretty like much...Numb...

Darryl: Awww.. Come on.. He is numb since he was destined.. He never ever cried or either laugh or have any feelings excactly... Except hatred..

Karkat: That's excactly what I need you to fix.. YOU MADE HIM LIKE THAT!

Darryl: Well.. I did.. But he still smiles at anybody..

Karkat: Heeee.. What am I thinking I was not even a Guardian of Light!

Darryl: Forest Evergreen.. He can be helpful.. He is his cousin right?

Karkat: Yeah.. Maybe..

Darryl: I think it might be a headstart to my mission!

Karkat: Can.. but not sure!

Darryl: But a chaos between bad and good is currently happening on earth!