Episode 21: If thats how you like it!Edit

Matey: *yawn* OMG! It's sailing time! I totallly forgot!

Kiwi: Morning Matey! 

Matey: Morning Kiwi! How's your buisness going?

Kiwi: Great! I sold 456 Mango shake today!

Matey: Amazing! Bye!

Kiwi: Goodluck being a Demi God!

Matey: Ok , Thanks!

Halre: Er ehem!

Matey: What?

Halre: You owe me a bit!

Matey: Ok here 2 bits!

Halre: Thank you!

Matey: White Energy! * follows it *

  • He gone really really far*

Matey: Where?! Am I..

???: You should stay away from here , there are tons of Mercers around!

Matey: Who are you?

Russell: I'm Russell! A cat pirate that looks exactly like you..

Matey: You really do look like me! Are you my Doppelganger?

Russell: Unfortunately , yes. This is the Mirror Realm , and ever people you know has a Doppelganger here.

Matey: Ohhh!

Russell: Your following the White Energy are you?

Matey: Yeah! Why?

Russell: It belongs to Cuddles..

Matey: Who is Cuddles?

Russell: A Dumb Blonde Rabbit!

Matey: Who is he's Real one?

Russell: Misty!

Matey: How about the girl over there?

Russell: Ace!

Matey: That boy over there?

Russell: Forest! And that doppleganger is really smart!

Matey: What is his name?

Russell: Truffle!

Matey: His name is a girls name..:|

Russell: Of course not! 

  • magnitudes*

Russell: OhOhh..

Matey: Why?

Russell: Trazoids! They are coming!