Episod 13: Captivated and Eliminated Edit

Suzette stole a gemstone in the jewelry shop.

Suzette: Hey! Give me all your stuff or else!

Ai - No : NO!

Ai - No: cast Pain Red Eyes.

Bolt: Sword of Destiny!

Almost cuts Suzettes hair.

Suzette: My hair! *shoots Bolt*

Bolt: That wont affect me! 

Forest: *grabs Ai - No* This will affect him! Let's go Suzette!

Bolt: GRRR!! Hanuru jitzu! Blue Ninja!

Blue Ninja followed Forest and Suzette.

Scientist Dot: The villains stole something at the jewelry shop.

Dee Dee: Yes! I know.

Halre: What should we do?

Jewel: Follow them... :\

Blanket and Dexter: Can we go there too? We wanna play with..

Dee Dee: No! What if he hurts both of you?!

Dexter: I owe my freedom cuz of him!

Blanket: Me too! We might still be in the villains cage without his help!

Dee Dee: STAY HERE! * turns into Dyna and flew with the others*.

Dexter: Let's teleport!

Blanket: OK!

  • teleports*


Dyna: Where are they?

Green Machine: They might be there! *points at a portal*

Sparkling Jewel: Hmmm... *goes in to the portal*

Dyna and Petal followed her.


Blanket: Hey Wazzup!

Patch: shhh... I'm studying this awesome science experiment about white and dark energy.. since I cant read..

Blanket: Wanna play? Hide and seek? Tag? Base Battle? Adventure Quest Worlds? My little pony? Ohh how about Ghost chase?!

Dexter: Or we could play video games!

Patch: Ok how about a little game.. Its called SHH! The most quietest wins! I'm the SHHH! champion!

Blanket: Hmmmm... I lose!

Dexter: Me too!

Patch: *sigh*


Suzette: Ai - No welcome to your new home!

Ai - No: LEMME GO!

Suzette: Why would I do that?

Forest: Let's get rid of her!

Blue Ninja: Not so fast!

Ai - No: Bolt!

Blue Ninja: Lightning!

  • shocked Forest*

Suzette: Bravo! Now I have to finish you!


Dyna: Where are we?

Jewel: This is a dungeon!

Halre: This must be where they hide Ai - No..

Petal: Oh My Garden ! It's all a trap!

All: SCREAM!!!


Patch: Ohh My Goblin!

Blanket: What have you sensed?

Patch: The heroes.. Trapped in the DUNGEON!!!

Dexter: OHHH NO! My sister! 

Blanket: We have to go there!

Dexter:I don't have powers!

Blanket and Patch : We will give some of ours!

Dexter smiled.. :)

DexStar: Yeah! Thank you!

Patch and Blanket: *smiled at him*


Dyna: You did this!

Suzette: Why yes!

Forest: Suzette..

Suzette: What?

Forest: Release Dyna now!

Blue Ninja: Huh?!

Cecilla: He has a crush on her!

Blue Ninja: Ahhh!

Halre: Release us.. NOW!!


Evil Vampirate King: Oh No!

Night Owl: Why? Did you sense somthing?

Evil Vampirate King: Yes! Traps ahead of us! Follow my lead!


Forest: You leave me no choice! Axe Thtrow!

Suzette: *grabs the axe*  Do you really think you can beat me?! *turns forest to stone*

Blue Ninja and Cecilla: *GASP*

Suzette: Anyone wants to go agaisnt me?

Blue Ninja: I will!

Ai - No: No! Bolt don't!

Blue Ninja : I have to save you!


Night Owl: Why are you lowering your head?

Evil Vampirate King: AXE! bow down now!

  • Swinging Axes*

DexStar: That almost hit ME!

Night Owl: Me to!!!

Evil Vampirate King: We're near the end COME ON!


Suzette: Say goodbye to this guy! * the beam is near his neck *

Ai - No: Pain!

Suzette suffers in pain

Blue Ninja: Thanks!

Dyna: Look out!

Blue Ninja: Suzette! Do you even know how to give up!

Suzette: No! Im powerful! I can do anything!


Ghost 1: Hello little girl!

Ghost 2: Wanna have a little game Night Owl.

Night Owl: How did you know my name?

Ghost 1: Scared?

Evil Vampirate King: Leave her ALONE!

DexStar: Nobody messes with my flower!

Ghost 2: Oh! BTW Patch I will tell Suzette you ar against her.. Feeling hopeless? Cuz there is no escape!

Evil Vampirate King: *his neclace and eyes lights up* I never get hopeless!

DexStar: He.. Is the Prince of Hope!

Night Owl: That explains why he is good..

Ghost 1 and 2 : We can't die! You're still hopeless! And you can't beat us!

Prince of Hope: That's what you think! * uses the light of enternal goodness to them*

Both of the ghost died.

DexStar: Now I'm happy Dyna is not the Princess of Hope!

Night Owl: Why?

DexStar: She will just boss me around! 

Prince of Hope: Now we can make this a walk in a park!

All: Power Mark Crusaders Let's Go!


Suzette: Ai - No this ends for you now!

Night Owl: Stop right there!

DexStar: Now you have to fear us Suzette!

Suzette: And why?

Prince of Hope: Because of ME!

Dyna: *gasp* He's.. the... Prince of Hope!

All: *gasp*

Ai - No: OMG! There are tons of suprises!

Dyna: Dexter you have powers?

DexStar: Sorry sis I can't help it I have to pla- I mean save you..

Night Owl: Let's defeat Suzette..

Power Mark Crusaders: TOGETHER!!

Suzette: HAHAHHAHAHAH!! As if you pipsqueeks can beat me!

Prince of Hope: How about a battle to find out!

Suzette: Awww! So CUTE!!

Power Mark Crusaders: GWIYOCUTE!!!

Suzette: *hypnotized by gwiyocute*

Power Mark Crusaders: You will do whatever we say!

Suzette: I will do whatever you say..


DexStar: Do Harlem shake!

Suzette danced.


Prince of Hope: *roll his eyes* Release All of the heroes and go to your room.

Suzette: Freed all the heroes and go.


Dyna: Now I'm happy you came..

Dexter: Why?

Dyna: If you don't I could have died

  • Hugs*

Ai - No: Bolt!

Bolt: Hey... Umm... Wanna go out?

Ai - No: Sure!

Halre: So this is you.. A Prince..

Patch: Aw! Halre have you lost it! *transforms*

Evil Vampirate King: This is ME! Though Im evil , doesn't mean I can't be a hero! BTW Im still the Prince of Hope..

Halre: *smiled*

Patch: *frees Forest from being a stone*

Forest: What happen? Wha..!

Dyna: Ohh.. *starring at Forest*

Forest: * blushes while approaching Dyna*  Um... Wanna go out?

Dyna: *blushes* Again? Sure...

Power Mark Crusaders: AWWWWW!!!

Dyna: Shut up..