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Scoops! she is one of the citizens to turn evil when Lady drained her of white energy.

Personality:she's as sweet as ice cream and ni9ce to anyone but when she's evil she's bitter as vanilla ice cream and she tries collecting  white energy by delvring ice creasm which gives the kids brain freeze but had a different affect on Sprinkles.

Orgin:she was delivring ice cream at the park then Lady came along and collected all her white energy which resulted in turning her evil.Even though she can be turned back to normal easily she wil become more eviler if someone evil enogh hangs around her.

Abilities:Ice Cream Throw

Rare Abilities:Brainfreeze,Waffleconekick

Special Abilities:The Ultimiate Spliter

First Apperence:Sweet gone bitter (episode 19)

Last Apperence: