This is a Page where you are free to ship. Enjoy!

Dyna X ForestEdit

Dyna and Forest. The cutest shippings in the wiki. In the episode The Great and Powerful Misty, Forest and Dyna smiled akwardly at each other.

Dexter X BlanketEdit


Cecilla X AceEdit

When Ace turned good , Cecilla showed affection for Ace.(not completely sure :| )

Which BTW I don't know how will Patchthepirate19 do the

story.. Leave it to her!

Jewel X AceEdit

Pikachu art

This time I ship by my self! And I even made a picture!

Sorry I'm not as good as her..

But, I'm still glad I did my 101%.

Brad X CecillaEdit

When Ace broke up with Cecilla, she started to have a crush on Brad.