Lalaloopsy League of Heroes
Dyna:Copy This Pose! *poses*

Jewel:Are my shoes alright?

Petal:I feel wobbly


Scraps:*whispering to other heroes* alright heres da plan when we get to da hangout we find Dyna's diary and pull some pranks on her to kick her out!

Confetti:Pranks? I can help with that!

Kat:Me too

Toffee:I dun know guys

Teddy:Dun be sew weak

Part 2Edit

Teddy:*reading* Dear Diary I love Forest One time he saw me naked                  
Lalaloopsy League of Heroes 2


Scraps:Read More!

Teddy:heres another one with a pic of Forest n Dyna kissin


Scraps:wait lemme guess all the pages are about Forest and Dyna

Teddy:no heres a page called "My Most Embarrasing Moments" with a pic of Dyna do funny things


Dyna:Where is Scraps,Teddy,Confetti,Kat and Toffee? Those pathetic heroes are late!

Jewel:They might be in that room

Blanket:Lets spy on them!


Dyna:okay *peeks through door* They are gonna face the wrath of .............................DYNA MIGHT!