The elements of harmony

The Guardians are the one who makes balance to the Good and Evil. They are chosen by the necklaces. They have different roles in making balance to the world. They also have special outfits that look like arrmor.


There are four crystals. The Crystal/Necklace of Light, Darkess, Hope, and Bravery.

Crystal of light

The Crystal of LightEdit

The crystal of light's name is Nexus. Nexus is a very quiet boy. He might talk , but he never talk much. He might not be attentive all the time , but he never do un important things.

Crystal of darkness

The Crystal of DarknessEdit

The crystal of darkness' name is Precila. She is very snobbish and seriuos. She is very reliable , but sometimes she is very naughty.

Crystal of hope

The Crystal of HopeEdit

The crystal of hope's name is Karkat. She is a very nice girl. 

Crystal of bravery

The Crystal of BraveryEdit

The crystal and guardian of bravery is Dyna.